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“Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Rhonda thank you for teaching me some computer skills!”

- Jada and Ty'nann

"You brightened my whole world.Thank you for helping us learn and grow! I have learned so much about computers since I have learned with you! We love you and I will never forget you guys!"

- Jenneh

"Thank you for teaching us new computer skills! We are so grateful!"

-Olivia Smith

"Thank you for teaching me new computer skills that I didn't know before. I knew some things but you guys taught me more. I enjoyed playing all the games you guys played with us. Like Jeopardy! I had so much fun! I really liked the frames. Thanks for helping!"


"Thank you for using your time to teach us things that we may not know"


"Thank you so much for taking your own time and teaching us about computers. I have a computer of my own, and you made me more knowledgeable about these metal boxes. I'm so thankful that you taken time out of your day to help us."


"Thank you for teaching us new things about computers and for giving us crafts to do. You are the best! Thank you for all you have done."

-Jasmine Perry

"Thank you for using all your time to teach us about computers. Some of the things I did know but a lot I didn't. And I love the picture. Thank you so much."

-Adiana Potter